Editor-in-Chief and General manager: Gojko Božović

Arhipelag publishing house was founded on May 15, 2007, in Belgrade. Its founder and editor-in-chief is Gojko Božović, a poet, essay writer, and literary critic.

Arhipelag is an active cultural and publishing project, based on very high criteria in its choice of books and characterized by high standards of professional publishing, carefully profiled editions, and interactive relationships with its readers.

With its understanding of publishing as a cultural activity and public demonstration of avid reading passion, Arhipelag is shaped as a publishing house that takes great care of its readers both in its choice of books and choice of authors, as well as in its obvious striving for highest values in each of its editions.

Since its very beginning, Arhipelag has been defined as a publisher that offers books of exciting imagination and most valuable knowledge. Arhipelag is based on the concept that assumes constant checking and representation of its ideas on the book market, as well as high criteria and sense of measure in its everyday work. It strives, patiently and responsibly, to mark each working day with a new achievement, to produce beautiful-looking and recognizable books, to supply the readers with the best possible reading suggestions and create conspicuous emblems of cultural values.

Arhipelag publishes most outstanding books from the fields of contemporary literature, historiography, political theory, economy, philosophy, and lexicography. Through publishing books from contemporary literature, we aim at presenting the archipelago of modern world literature, with a number of authors that are being published in Serbia for the first time. Explaining the genesis, character and phenomena of the modern world, the books from the field of historiography, political theory, psychology and economy, written by leading contemporary thinkers, face our readers with the crucial challenges of contemporary world.

Arhipelag’s creative team treats every book published by this house as if it were an island, a world in itself, but also with an ambition to make them a part of the same archipelago, a part of a recognizable whole. We do believe that our readers recognize that in our clear-cut profile, in the editorial concept that observes the highest criteria and respects both authors and readers, in the professional standards of all segments of editorial work – from editing to book design, from copy-editing to proofreading, from overall shaping of a book to its public presentation.

Arhipelag is the most active national publisher in the work upon the series „100 Slavonic Novels“ and, together with the leading publishers from Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia, it has started the project of promoting Eastern European and Mid-European literature, entitled „Read Central“.

Arhipelag Reading Club, that was founded under the auspices of our publishing house, is also very active. There is also an on-line magazine Arhipelag on our web-site, which presents the excerpts from works in progress, interviews with the authors, travelogues, essays and articles.

Arhipelag publishes seventeen clearly profiled and recognizable editions.

The books published by Arhipelag have won more than twenty-five national and international literary awards during the last three years.

The books of Serbian writers published by Arhipelag have been translated into more than twenty foreign languages.

For its books and editions, Arhipelag has won several awards on the national, regional and international book fairs.

On the international Belgrade Book Fair in October 2009, Arhipelag won the title of the Publisher of the Year in Serbia.